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In 2002, four long-term friends - one Vietnamese, one Australian, and two British individuals - came together with a collective purpose. Drawing from our extensive experience in manufacturing furniture and homeware in Vietnam, we envisioned a new and innovative approach. Our goal was to create products that not only exuded creativity but also adhered to sustainable and responsible practices. With a deep passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Tuyen Hiep Loi was born. Since then, we have been dedicated to crafting unique, eco-friendly, and socially conscious offerings that resonate with our global audience.

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At Tuyen Hiep Loi, we are committed to working with local communities in our area, continually developing traditional skills and materials to create exciting products that fit in and compliment modern lifestyles.

Tuyen Hiep Loi is a responsible producer and adheres to labor regulations and social audits as well as maintains strict controls and oversight on production systems and product quality. 

Our products can be seen in many leading high streets stores around the world in a large part because of our capacity in producing volume whilst maintaining consistent quality and service.



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C-TPAT Audit

We have successfully complied with the C-TPAT audit. As a responsible and ethical organization, we prioritize security and adhere to the highest standards in our operations. By meeting the requirements of the C-TPAT program, we ensure the integrity and safety of our supply chain, providing our partners with peace of mind and confidence in our commitment to excellence.

SMETA Sedex Audit

We have achieved compliance with the SMETA Sedex audit. This audit evaluates our social and ethical practices, ensuring that we meet the highest standards in terms of labor, health and safety, environment, and business ethics. By successfully completing the SMETA Sedex audit, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible sourcing.

Quality Test

We have successfully passed quality tests conducted by Bureau Veritas for our products. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest quality standards. Through rigorous testing and compliance, we ensure that our customers receive exceptional and reliable products. The recognition from Bureau Veritas reinforces our dedication to maintaining excellence in all aspects of our operations.