The Hiep Loi story

In 2002 four long term friends (one Vietnamese, one Australian and two British) decided to pull together their many years of experience manufacturing furniture and home ware in Vietnam to create something new and innovative products in a sustainable and responsible way. Hiep Loi Vietnam was born.

At Hiep Loi, we are committed to working with local communities in our area, continually developing traditional skills and materials to create exciting products that fit in and compliment modern lifestyles.

Hiep Loi is a responsible producer and adheres to labour regulations and social audits as well as maintains strict controls and oversight on production systems and product quality.

Maintaining relationships with our staff and our buyers are an important part of our business ethos. The majority of our original production team is still with us and we are also happy and proud to be still supplying many of the customers we had from our first year in production.

Hiep Loi products can be seen in many leading high streets stores around the world in a large part because of our capacity in producing volume whilst maintaining consistent quality and service.

Our factory of over 6,500 m2 of covered area is located less than sixty minutes from Ho Chi Minh City International airport, just outside Cu Chi and near to the famous “Cu Chi Tunnels”.

We have at our factory a dedicated and highly experienced sampling team that works closely with our customers to help develop new shapes, weaves, colours and materials into commercially viable products.

Samples and costing can be done in a short time from detailed drawings, simple sketches or even pictures sent via email.

Hiep Loi is managed by Mr.Tuyen who is one of the senior founding partners and a dynamo of the industry. Over the years, he has pioneered many of the industry standards’ processes and created designs and shapes that have been copied all over the world

If you are looking for an innovative, reliable, responsible partner to produce quality woven home ware and furniture from natural or synthetic materials at competitive prices, Hiep Loi is what you are looking for.

Please contact us by email to organise a visit to our plant or to ask for more information.

Our Home

Since 2004, Hiep Loi has been located on the outskirts of Cu Chi, in a large green compound within a forestry plantation that gives us a nice working environment for our whole work force. We are also near to the local rural communities that we had been working with over the years to source raw materials and weave our products.

Factory showroom

700 m2 airconditioned showroom with literally hundreds of products on display.


Photo studios


We have a dedicated studio area for taking high quality digital Photograghs which enables us to send through good clear pictures of new products that are being developed or are being discussed.

Meeting rooms


Our meeting room is adjacent to the main factory office, showroom, photo studio and factory.

This makes it very efficient and quick to discuss possible order breakdowns, pricing and work on developing new product samples as we have our sales, production and sampling teams all on hand to work with you in a comfortable enviroment.

Dispatch Warehouse


Once product is finished any labelling and or swing tags are added and our QC’s do thier final check in this area before packing into boxes or wrapping products which are then stored awaiting shipment.

Weaving and Finishing Department

The larger and more complicated products are generally woven in our own premises, with smaller and more traditional weaves being woven in the surrounding villages by local communitiy groups that we have developed and worked with closely for many years, this work now provides a very important source of income for many of these communities.

All product woven inside or outside is strictly checked by QC’s prior to being passed to the finishing department where the detailing is done and product is dried and treated before packing.

Grassroots has thier own large drying ovens and dehumidfying rooms which we use to ensure that the moisture content in all our natural fibres are well below the levels required to ensure a stable product.

Metal Working department

The majority of our products are based on a metal frame or skeleton all of which we frabricate in our own workshop to control the quality and proportions. We also have a smaller section to produce timber framing and accessories when required.

We have a large variety of available metal finishes with the most popular being Galvanised, Powder coated and Chrome plated.